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  • [2015] Presented a qualia concept for reconstructive facial surgery at Med Uni Graz in Austria. 
  • [2018] Created a historical analysis of Leonardo Da Vinci’s deluge drawings at MIT.
  • [2019] Published qualitative research on interdisciplinary collaborations that improve surgical care in low-resource settings in the British Medical Journal.
  • [2019] Wrote a commentary on applied AI for systems innovation in The Lancet. 
  • Museum of Crypto Art pioneered a digital art revolution through art NFTs and decentralized internet subcultures. 
  • I built an infrastructure to empower artists: open-source tools, critical thought, cryptocurrency grants, exhibitions.
  • I’m currently delving into the liminal space of code-based art at ✞
  • Shiro San is an early stage venture fund investing in emergent digital technologies with intrinsic growth properties and long-term value.
  • Identifying solutions that catalyze new systems. Focused on deep technology, XR, AI. 

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  • Nous is dedicated to advancing the field of artificial intelligence. We challenge the assumption that closed technology will forever claim the peaks of innovation, and instead, we offer the people potent open source code, simulators, & efficient large-language-models.

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  • Today I combine passions for free expression, consciousness, technology as Cofounder of Nous Research Inc. and Investor at Shiro San Fund.
  • New York based. Previously lived in Bangalore, Cape Town, Boston. Raised in California by two computer nerds.
  • Art History and Biology at Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Also into ancient medical systems, wildlife conservation, yoga (RYT 200).